Frequently Asked Questions:

Autopilot pranks are smart pranks. These pranks listen and response like a real human. It stops talking when the other side is talking, and it tries to reply logically. Autopilot pranks are the smartest way to send prank calls!

This service sends phone calls. Phone calls cost money to send. In order to ensure we can offer this service, we must ask for a small fee for every prank call. But don't worry: Install the app to get a free prank call!

As a first-time user you get free credits. After that you can share the app with friends. Everytime a friend purchases credits, you get the same amount, for FREE!

Yes! We refund failed calls if you paid for the credits. We do not refund free credits.

Boomrang is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only. As a sender, you are part of the call, and therefore you are responsible for making sure your call is legal within your country/state. It is illegal to call public services such as police and healthcare. We are actively preventing this kind of calls. Also, it's illegal and a violation of our Terms of Service to use the servicesfor the purpose of defrauding, harassing, or harming anyone, or to wrongly obtain anything of value. Users are also strictly prohibited from using Boomrang to call emergency lines, health care facilities, government agencies, employees or officials, law enforcement, schools, numbers assigned to radio common carrier services, or any service for which the called party is charged for the call. Please read our Terms of Service for more info.

As a sender, you are part of the call, if one party gives consent (the sender in this case), then it's allow to record the call. However, in the US, some states require the consent of all parties. If you initiate a call through Boomrang, then you are a party to that call and must remain on the line through the entire call. You, as a party to the call, consent to the recording of that call. Boomrang can record telephone calls in those states which only require the consent of one party. However, the following states require the consent of all parties and it is a violation of Boomrang's Terms of Service to record calls in such states: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington.

Please mail your number to and we will block your number within 24h.